Aug 2023

I'm proud to announce that my debut house release is now available exclusively through G-Mafia Records on on ALL major music platforms!

WOW what a year so far and we're only in August! There's four months left to go of 2023 and loads more to come! But even if it doesn't, my latest piece of news is by far the biggest I've had musically for over 20 years!

Alphajay - Dance for the DJ Cover Artwork

As for the track, it’s a high-energy house track that fuses a little Tech House with some old school UK Garage influences, a strong bass line and catchy vocals. At 128bpm it’s not exactly slow for a house track and with some sirens, alarms and a cheeky rimshot, it’s fast paced and made to get you “dancing for the DJ”.

To give a bit of background to the track, like many producers, I was working on around 20 different ‘sessions’, all in differing states of completion and at the time of inception, I was attempting to finalise the mix and initial master of my remix of Goddard & VenBee’s “Messy In Heaven”. This is when I stumbled across a bass line that I just had to do something with. Fast forward 24 hours and I had a good 5 minutes of composition and something tangible, so I went with it and completed the track 24 hours later.

As my first “finished” house track, I didn’t want to sit on it for long and set about the usual process of reaching out to labels to see if anyone would be interested in releasing. Previously to this I was planning on self-releasing “Messy In Heaven” as a free download (watch this space), and my last dealings with labels was over 20 years ago, so didn’t think much would come it, especially with the quality and frequency of house and tech house releases these days.

Nevertheless, after only a couple of days I had some great feedback both from the DJs and producers who’d heard or even played the track AND a handful of interested labels. In the end, I opted to go with G-Mafia Records and after some additional mastering and a few tweaks (my choice), here we are!

How the track does is down to you guys and whether you can vibe to it, so be sure to listen, stream, buy and download and add it to your playlists, share it, play it and support the track on Beatport, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, Amazon Music and all the other major platforms.

Available to Save, Share, Buy, Stream and Download on ALL major platforms!

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